Luxury park home living is becoming an ever popular option for over 50s wanting a cosy and stress free option for their later years. There are plenty of benefits of living on an over 50s residential park that you may have never even thought of, these include:

A Chance to Live Independently

Research by Barbara Hobbs, an occupational health professional, highlights the great living conditions available at park home sites and how they are able to support an independent lifestyle as people get older. She notes that many modern park homes are fully accessible, have wide access doors throughout and have excellent insulation, making them an ideal option for those who wish to maintain their independence for the foreseeable future after retirement.

Park home living enables residents who prefer walking or using public transport to access local amenities, thereby fostering a sense of independence. Most over 50s park home communities are located within an accessible distance to: doctors, churches, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets and shopping centres, as well as many other community facilities. This provides park home residents the best of both worlds, a sense of independence and freedom without being too isolated and therefore dependent on others.

Topiary Park in Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire, for example, offers fully custom build homes, meaning not only will your park home suit your individual taste and style, it will also suit your needs and functionality. Ideally located within walking distance of 2 market towns and with a thriving over 50s community Bidford on Avon is a great choice for over 50s park home living.

A Friendly, Community Feeling

Barbara Hobbs also suggests that over 50s residential parks are equivalent to the best retirement communities as residents tend to be more neighbourly and helpful towards each other. Many sites will also have park staff who are often helpful too and provide people with an extra sense of community, belonging and peace of mind.

There are a vast array of clubs and societies near Topiary Park in Bidford on Avon – from local walking groups to choirs, residents will be sure to find something worthwhile to enjoy. Joining clubs is also a great way to meet new friends who may have similar interests in your area.

A Permanent Holiday Experience

Many over 50s are attracted to the permanently relaxed holiday feel of a site, particularly if it is well looked after like Topiary Park, which is the perfect environment to enjoy your retirement. Some sites have recreational and other activities, or they are located close to golf clubs or popular areas for cycling, walking and sailing.

Park home living at Topiary Park offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the peace, quiet and birdsong of a predominantly child and young person-free environment. Although visitors and grandchildren are welcome to visit, the age requirement for residents means that active adult communities are usually quiet places to live and younger visitors are usually encouraged to be considerate of this expectation.

An extra benefit to over 50s park home living is low or no-maintenance exteriors which is possibly the top selling point for people who choose an active adult community. After years of cutting grass, tending gardens and power washing patios, relinquishing exterior maintenance is often extremely appealing! Economical to run, with minimal housework and a manageable garden a size which is more of a pleasure than a chore; living in a park home offers a more tranquil, relaxed way of life.

Release Equity

The price of a park home is generally lower than that of a traditional property, meaning that in many areas of the UK you are able to release a significant amount of equity from your property, often without sacrificing the space and luxury associated with the traditional release of equity through ‘downsizing’.

Keep in mind that in this case, price is not a reflection on quality. Only park homes from our tried and trusted park home manufacturers are sold on Topiary Park. These homes are built to new building regulation standards and are of an extremely high quality, as are the fittings, appliances and furnishings.

Peace of Mind and Security

Most over 50s communities are private and selective, ensuring that only approved residents and guests are admitted on the park home site. Security may also include: lighted parking areas and walkways, working fire alarms and smoke detectors, prominent emergency evacuation maps, clearly marked exit doors and, as people are generally at home more, additional neighbourhood watch efforts are encouraged.

A Range of Health Benefits

There are specific health benefits associated with staying active and social in an over 50s community, which include:

  • Increasing longevity;
  • Lowering blood pressure;
  • Boosting your immune system;
  • Encouraging good eating and exercising habits;
  • Lessening the possibility of mental health issues such as loneliness and depression.

Remember, your park home contentment depends partly on the type of community and the lifestyle sought. Thoroughly researching your park home site before committing to a purchase is strongly advised. Visit the site, talk to your potential neighbours and don’t be afraid to call and ask any and all questions.

Topiary Park is a new and exclusive development of luxury park homes in Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire, showcasing park homes with gas central heating, double glazed windows, pitched roofs and fully fitted and furnished interiors. If you’d like to find out more about Topiary Park contact us today!